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Upper Lip Waxing in Burnley – By the leading providers of Facial Waxing in the area!

There are many other ways in which you can get rid of upper lip hair so what makes our lip waxing in Burnley the best option? Our lip waxing in Burnley is an extremely safe and convenient solution for you to get rid of that unwanted hair on your lip. We use a cold sugar wax to remove the entire hair follicle. Usually the regrowth rate is a few weeks and if you stick with our lip waxing treatments, your upper lip hair will noticeably grow thinner.

Lisa Lashes and Beauty – Providers of Fantastic Lip Waxing Treatments in Burnley!

For an additional fee we are able to provide you with a full facial waxing treatment, which consists of chin waxing, eyebrow faxing and our fantastic lip waxing in Burnley. So if facial waxing is something that you have always wanted to consider, then we are the ideal salon of choice in Burnley.

If you require any further information then contact us and one of our many beauty specialists will be able to provide you with the answers that you need.