Eyelash Extensions in Burnley

by Lisa Lashes at Lilas Hair & Beauty in Burnley

Lisa Lashes & Beauty - Burnley - Eyelash Extensions

Lisa Lashes and Beauty – The leading providers of Professional Eyelash Extensions in Burnley!

Lisa Lashes and Beauty are the ideal salon of choice if you require Eyelash Extensions in Burnley. Our fake eyelashes are some of the best in the area and evident in our name, so we can guarantee that you will be amazed at the results we can produce. The eyelash extensions in Burnley, that we provide can be worn in the shower, whilst you swim, in the spa and whilst you sleep, all without causing a single problem.

Here at Lisa Lashes and Beauty we only provide the best, waterproof and most durable eyelash extensions on the market, so that you can enjoy having long, beautiful and thicker lashes 24/7 all whilst being free from hassle and the need to use mascara. Once we have finished the treatment, a clear finishing glaze will be applied which will give your lashes a soft sheen whilst ensuring that the lash extensions is completely bonded with the natural lash.

If you require any more information about our specialist eyelash extensions in Burnley or any other eyelash services such as Party Lashes or Semi Permanent Lashes, then don’t hesitate to give us a call and one of our experienced members of staff will provide you with the information that you need.